Building an Almost-life-size Skeleton of Origami Tyrannosaurus

NAKAMURA Kazuya folded a huge skeleton of origami Tyrannosaurus, designed by YOSHINO Issei, and exhibited it at the Origami Tanteidan Nogoya Convention on Nov. 21, 2009 with help from some JOAS members.

The tail. Look at this magnificent frame.
Mounting the legs on another frame.
Adjusting the legs.
The legs are done. Working on the frame for the body.
Still working on the frame.
Mounting the head.
Working on the spine.
Mounting the backbone and ribs.
Joining the arms.
Lifting the body up.
Away up.
Joining the back.
Joining the tail.
Almost done.
Inside of the body.
The feet of the frame.
Great job, Nakamura-san.